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Car Glass Tips on Old Cars

If you are driving a vehicle that was made in the past 10 years, you will have no issues replacing a damaged windscreen. If you are driving an older car, however, windscreen replacement may not be so easy. Not all windscreens are equal, as some of these older models may require specially fitted windscreens that are no longer in production. So what should you do if you damage the windscreen on your classic car?

Tip #1: Replacing Your Windscreen

If you need to replace the windscreen entirely on your older car, you will almost definitely need to put in a special order since the windscreen dimensions likely differ from current standard measurements. Special orders take time, as your new windscreen needs to be made from scratch to fit your car. Make contingency plans so you can get where you need to go while you wait for your new windscreen to come in. Special orders may also cost you more than a standard windscreen replacement, so budget your money accordingly.

Tip #2: Removing Tint

Your older windows will likely have a natural tint that you do not see on new windows. Over time, sunlight alters the color and shade of your windows, so it is natural for them to look discolored. If you want to remove and replace your window tint yourself, keep these things in mind:

  1. Bubbles on the window film are a problem, so take care of your windows immediately if you see them.
  2. To make removing the film on the window easier, consider steaming the window from the inside. Just make sure to cover any electrical components with a plastic sheet to prevent water from getting inside.
  3. A sticky residue will remain once you have removed the film. This is normal, so wear gloves and clean your window immediately after removing the film.

As with all DIY projects, contact a professional if you do not feel comfortable doing the project yourself.  DIY projects can save you money if done correctly, but they can also cost you more money than going to a professional if you have to make multiple attempts at the job.

Tip #3: Repair or Replace?

Sometimes, your old windscreen is so beat up that it is not worth trying to repair it. Sometimes the damage will be so much that repair will not even be an option. Use good judgment when trying to determine the better option. You may be better off replacing a windscreen entirely if it’s older than 20 years, as it may have weakened over time and will damage more easily.

As hard as it may be to admit, sometimes it is better to look at a new car if you are constantly repairing your classic. Consider all the costs and compare them to getting a new car, and you may find upgrading your car to be the better option.




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