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How to Take Care of Your New Windscreen Replacement

So, you just got a windscreen replacement and you are probably wondering how you should take care of it. My Windscreen London has some great tips and advice to help you keep your new windscreen in great condition. To start, the hours following installation are the most critical, following our guide will ensure that your investment is well cared for.

Don’t Drive Right Away

When your new windscreen is affixed to your car, a strong adhesive is used that bonds the glass to your frame and creates a seal that is waterproof. It is essential that you allow your new windscreen the time to dry and set completely after installation to avoid damaging the seal or dislodging the glass. Also, keep an eye out for any old bits of sharp glass from your old windscreen. In most cases the technicians will clean the interior to remove any shards, but it’s always good to be extra careful.

Mind Proximity

For at least 48 hours following the installation of your new windscreen, you should make sure that no extra pressure is placed on either side of the glass. This means don’t cover your car, don’t use sunshades, and don’t place packages on top of your car.

Crack Your Windows

Temperature changes affect your windscreen more than you may realize. When your car remains completely closed, the pressure inside of your car builds which can exert pressure against the seal of your windscreen. Leaving your door windows slightly cracked will ensure that pressure can escape and your windscreen seal can set and dry without extra pressure.

Don’t Touch the Retention Tape

Retention tape is used to hold your windscreen mold in place and to keep the seal safe from the environment. The tape keeps out water, rain, dust, and debris while your seal dries and you should leave it on your car for at least 48 hours after you pick up your car from the shop.

Skip Power Washers & Auto Washes

Until your frame and windscreen have had time to set and fuse, you should avoid taking your car to a commercial car washer and you should also avoid power washing it. Both options employ a great amount of pressure to get rid of the dirt from your car, and that same pressure can dislodge your new windscreen from its proper placement.

Take It Easy

It is important to avoid giving your new windscreen extra stress while the new seal is set. Close your trunk and car doors softly, avoid speed bumps and rough driving and stay out of harsh weather if possible. Avoid placing items on top of your car, on your dashboard, and directly on your windscreen as well.

The Windscreen Experts

It doesn’t take much to ensure your new windscreen is properly taken care of, but if you need more tips and tricks My Windscreen London is only a phone call away. For the best windscreen repair and replacement in the area, give us a call at 0800 2425 505 today.




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