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Identifying the Cracks on Your Windscreen Leads to Better Service

A long list of things can damage your windscreen. Harsh weather, hail, flying pebbles, and even sun damage all can affect your car glass. If your car has suffered damage to its windscreen, you should get it fixed ASAP. Bringing your car in to My Windscreen London for early repair can save you money and stress. We offer a range of services to cover all of your windscreen repair needs. Several types of cracks can affect your car glass, and identifying them will help diagnose the severity and dictate the proper repairs required. We have put together a list of the most common cracks found on windscreens.

Star Break

These breaks in the glass resemble a starburst, hence the name star-break. These usually occur when the damage is caused by an object striking the glass. The point of impact is in the center with cracks rippling outwards in a star pattern. If not corrected promptly, these can lengthen to cover the whole windscreen.


Small objects like stones, pebbles, or other debris that strike your windscreen can cause damage regardless of their size. These small items can hit your car glass and cause pieces to break off. This damage is called a chip. Such chips in the glass can weaken the windscreen and develop into cracks if left untreated.

Bull’s Eye

Bull’s eye cracks are circular in nature with a focused impact area in the center. These are typically caused by a spherical object striking the windscreen. They are around the depth of a chip, but much larger. The outer layer of the crack also has a cone. Full replacement isn’t required for this form of damage, but it should be addressed immediately to prevent further webbing.

Floater Cracks

A crack that occurs in the central part of a windscreen is recognized as a floater crack. These can be identified by checking to see if they are at least 2 inches away from the windscreen edge. Floater cracks frequently create a visual impairment for the driver and also spread easily.

Combination Break

When you have several varying types of breaks or chips on your windscreen, they are considered combination breaks. In most cases, a combo break will require a full windscreen replacement as opposed to simply repair.

Stress Cracks

In some cases, your windscreen may crack without the influence of an external force. Very high or very low temperatures, for instance, is one such occurrence. These are called stress cracks. If you have parked your car in the sun and suddenly take it to a colder climate, it can result in a stress fracture. Repeated bumps and jarring can also cause stress fractures to appear on your windscreen. There are not that many ways to prevent these forms of damage, but it helps if you can repair the cracks right away.

How We Can Help

The glass experts here at My Windscreen London are always standing by to help. If you need more information about cracks or chips, or if you want to schedule a repair, give us a call. You can reach us any time at 0800 2425 505 to find out more.




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