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Safely Remove Snow and Ice from your Windscreen and Car

Safely Remove Snow and Ice from your Windscreen and Car

Waking up to find your car covered in snow and ice can wreak havoc on your schedule if you haven’t allowed time to clear the snow away. The best way to be prepared for cleaning off your windscreen and car is pay close attention to nightly weather reports so you can plan your morning routine around this extra task.

Clearing ice and snow takes time and can be quite a chore but is it an important task to keep you and others safe. The best way to avoid having to clean snow and ice off your car is park in a garage or under cover of a roof. If this is not possible cover your car with a car cover or a cover made to cover windscreens.

The following are some tips to help you clear snow from your car safely.

  • Allow enough time to clear away the snow and ice.
  • Keep your snow removal tools handy including:
    • ice scraper
    • snow brush
    • snow shovel
  • Using tools that are not intended for the removal of snow and ice could damage the windows.
  • Keep a lock de-icer on hand so you can get in the car if the locks are frozen.
  • Before starting your car make sure the tailpipe is not blocked by snow.
  • Use the car’s defroster to help clear the windscreen and rear window. Allow about 5 minutes for the defroster to work if the temperature is really cold.
  • Do not pour hot water on the windows this could cause the windows to crack.
  • Do not use windscreen washer fluid to clear the ice unless it contains a de-icer.
  • Start cleaning off the snow from the top down, this will prevent having to re-clean areas of the car.
  • Use a snow brush to remove snow and an ice scraper to remove ice from the windows and mirrors. Don’t use excessive force as this could cause damage to the glass.
  • Clear snow away from the tires using a snow shovel, broom, or your hands if you don’t have a shovel or brush on hand.
  • Ice melt crystals can be used to melt the rest of the ice and snow.
  • Kitty litter can be used for traction if the tires slip.

Clearing snow and ice from your car’s windscreen and windows is a safety precaution you should never ignore no matter how short a distance you are driving. It could save your life or the life of another driver or pedestrian. And there maybe laws where you live that fine drivers for obstructed vision if the windows aren’t cleared.

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