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Having a damaged windscreen is never fun. Once the experts here at My Windscreen London have assessed the damage and scheduled your replacement, you will be back on the road in no time. It may seem like replacing an entire windscreen would take several days, but in actuality, you can get it in and out as quickly as a single afternoon. The actual windscreen replacement process will only take about an hour. One thing is for certain, although the actual replacement only takes an hour at most, preparation is the key to an effectively placed windscreen. (more…)

A long list of things can damage your windscreen. Harsh weather, hail, flying pebbles, and even sun damage all can affect your car glass. If your car has suffered damage to its windscreen, you should get it fixed ASAP. Bringing your car in to My Windscreen London for early repair can save you money and stress. We offer a range of services to cover all of your windscreen repair needs. Several types of cracks can affect your car glass, and identifying them will help diagnose the severity and dictate the proper repairs required. We have put together a list of the most common cracks found on windscreens. (more…)

My Windscreen London wants you to know that there are differences in design and strength between your car door glass, your rear glass, and your windscreen. One of the most important differences is the molding that surrounds the windscreen. This molding is designed to allow the driver to see as much of the road as possible, and to help create a strong barrier in the event of a crash to help prevent ejection. In most cases, windscreens won’t shatter into sharp shards when it breaks, which is another important thing to consider when thinking about the differences.


Your car is an important investment that should be cared for and maintained. The windscreen of your vehicle makes up a key part of your investment, not only in terms of value but also in terms of safety and security. Anytime your windscreen gets damaged, such as small cracks or chips, you should make a point to have it professionally repaired by My Windscreen London as soon as possible. (more…)

So, you just got a windscreen replacement and you are probably wondering how you should take care of it. My Windscreen London has some great tips and advice to help you keep your new windscreen in great condition. To start, the hours following installation are the most critical, following our guide will ensure that your investment is well cared for. (more…)

Your windscreen serves several important functions, such as being the first line of restraint and protecting against the elements. If the integrity of your windscreen glass becomes compromised, it presents a threat to your whole vehicle. (more…)

A damaged windscreen is dangerous any time of the year but especially during the winter months when driving conditions can be unpredictable with more hours of darkness, and often poor visibility due to the weather. (more…)

If you are driving a vehicle that was made in the past 10 years, you will have no issues replacing a damaged windscreen. If you are driving an older car, however, windscreen replacement may not be so easy. Not all windscreens are equal, as some of these older models may require specially fitted windscreens that are no longer in production. (more…)

Safely Remove Snow and Ice from your Windscreen and Car

Waking up to find your car covered in snow and ice can wreak havoc on your schedule if you haven’t allowed time to clear the snow away. The best way to be prepared for cleaning off your windscreen and car is pay close attention to nightly weather reports so you can plan your morning routine around this extra task. (more…)

While you are on a Sunday drive on a beautiful old country road in London, a rock suddenly flies up out of nowhere and hits your windscreen. There is just a small ding at first, so you do not worry about it too much. But, by the time you get back to the highway it has turned into a spider web crack that seems to be getting bigger the longer you drive. (more…)

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