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Is Cheaper Windscreen Services Really Better

Can you get a chip or crack in your windscreen repaired for £20? Probably. If you shop around long enough you can find a big variety of different prices for fixing the damage. But, will it be good enough to last? Probably not. The repair you get from someone charging you that little will probably be a quick and unprofessional patch job that may look good for a little while, but after the first rain it may look even worse than it did before the repair. Also, it may leak and do damage to the laminated piece in between the two glass panels of your windscreen.

The Anatomy of a Windscreen

Many people think a windscreen is just a big piece of glass stuck on the front of the vehicle to block the wind. Well, that is not true at all. It is not just one piece of glass, but two. There are two identical pieces of glass with a piece of laminated acrylic or plastic in between. The laminated piece is to hold the two pieces of glass together in the case of an accident so the fragments of glass do not cut the driver or passengers in the car.

Special Formulated Epoxy

The specially formulated acrylic that we use here at MY WINDSCREEN LONDON is patented and guaranteed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle. There are plenty of windscreen repair kits that you can buy in stores that you can use to fix your windscreen damage, but they will not have the clear visibility that our resin epoxy formula has. Our professional formula will not only last for the lifetime of your car, it will also look as good as new. The epoxy is the most important part of the repair and when you choose a bargain repair you will most assuredly not be getting the good stuff.

How Much Does MY WINDSCREEN LONDON Charge to Fix Windscreen Cracks or Chips?

The first thing we do here at MY WINDSCREEN LONDON is to examine the damage and let you know if it can be repaired, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. The repair will depend on the amount of damage and where the damage is, so the answer to all of these questions will vary. But, generally the cost is around $50, it takes less than an hour, and it will last for the lifetime of the vehicle or we will fix it again for free.

How Does MY WINDSCREEN LONDON Fix a Crack or Chip?

Our glass technician cleans and inspects the damaged area to remove any loose dirt or chips inside the glass. Then they put a type of suction cup tool over the damage on the inside of the windscreen to reinforce the strength of the glass. They also use a sort of framing tool on the outside of the windscreen around the damage. The technician then uses the tool to suck out the air and instantly inject the special epoxy into the damaged area. After letting it set for 15 to 20 minutes, the technician removes the suction cup and uses a UV light to cure the epoxy before cleaning the area.
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